Western Kansas Cities Receive Much-needed Funding Through Community Members


WICHITA, Kansas (KWCH) – A Match Day challenge last November raised over $ 150,000 for the Bird City and McDonald communities in Northwestern Kansas. The donations were matched by a group called the Bird City Century II Development Foundation.

From now on, the money raised will be distributed to support local organizations and special projects.

One of the recipients is the Tri-State Antique Engine and Thresher Association of Bird City.

“We’ve built three new buildings because they match, and we’re also doing a lot of remodeling and renovating,” said Rodney Klepper of the association.

Bird City EMS is also getting a boost – paying for IV pumps in ambulances and other equipment and services.

“Because the hospital to which we are transporting is in Saint-François. So it’s at least 15 minutes. So by having this equipment, we can get things going, including life-saving procedures before we get to the hospital, ”said Ryan Murray, Cheyenne County director of emergency management and EMS.

The Bird City Library is another organization that receives thousands of dollars in donations this year.

“It’s like. Extending Christmas until January for us, because we never know how much we’re going to get. It’s always extremely generous,” said Dian Burns, director of the Bird City library.

The population of Bird City and McDonald’s has a combined population of 600 to 700 people, but both communities have done their part by raising north of $ 150,000.

“Everyone on the Match Day list has their own special, they all bring something to the table,” said Teryn Carmichael, executive director of the Bird City Century II Development Foundation.

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