Trendi, Swede, Frontly, latest BC start-ups to get funding


Three British Columbia start-ups secure pre-seed and seed funding.

Three British Columbia (BC) tech startups secured funding and announced the raise this week.

Those companies were Vancouver-based TrendiTech, as well as Victoria-based companies Frontly and Swede, both of which received capital from Edmonton-headquartered from its Sprout Fund II.

Trendi has raised $8.45 million in seed funding. The funding was led by WGG Capital Canada and Vestech Partners of Florida, who were also lead investors in Trendi’s initial $2.25 million raise announced in June last year.

Founded in 2019 by Craig McIntosh (CEO) and Carissa Campeotto (CMO), Trendi’s technology focuses on eliminating food waste. Its BioTrim offering rescues unsuitable fruits and vegetables before they go to waste and transforms them into shelf-stable products.

Each BioTrim model uses a variety of processing technologies, such as UV and ozone cleaning, dicing, mashing, and drying techniques to create a nutrient-rich, chip or powder material called BioFlakes. .

With three BioTrim models in development, Trendi noted that it serves a variety of industries, from farms and manufacturers to distributors.

In a separate mission to disrupt the home improvement market, Swede closed a $350,000 pre-seed round after the startup claimed it had been seeded for its first 24 months since inception.

Swede, which was founded in 2020, aims to provide homeowners with a faster and more efficient shopping experience for modernizing their kitchens. Its platform includes a marketplace of freelance interior designers who have access to Swede’s digital catalog of direct-to-consumer products and materials.

Swede represents CEO Anthony Stubbs’ second venture as a founder, as he originally started IKAN Installations Inc. in 2009. Similar to what Swede does, IKAN specializes in kitchen renovations, but this one is specifically designed for IKEA products.

From his experience leading IKAN, Stubbs said he noticed the challenges the average homeowner would face when planning their renovation.

After experiencing explosive growth across British Columbia, according to Stubbs, the company is now ready to launch in Ontario. Swede plans to expand its service coverage across Canada. To date, Swede currently serves southern Ontario and southern British Columbia.

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Frontly is also built by a recurring founder. The startup is the brainchild of former Thinkific and Certn developer Patrick Kelly.

Another similarity between Swede and Frontly is that the latter also raised $350,000. also participated in Frontly’s round, as did serial investor and entrepreneur Andrew Wilkinson’s Tiny Capital, as well as Vancouver-based angel investment funds E-Fund and WUTIF.

Kelly founded Frontly in July last year with a mission to help businesses launch custom applications in minutes and without writing a line of code.

“Almost every customer we talk to has a dashboard or automation in mind that would bring them great value, but they can’t afford the development resources,” Kelly said. “We are only at the beginning of this change in technology to make this available to everyone without hiring developers.”

Prior to working on Frontly, Kelly founded DropCommerce, an e-commerce platform integrated with Shopify, Wix, and BigCommerce.

Featured image by Jonas Kakaroto via Unsplash.


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