The Association of Ukrainians in France calls on ENGIE to stop financing Russia


On Friday, April 29, 2022, the Association of Ukrainians in France will organize a rally in front of the premises of ENGIE, Gazprom’s first Russian partner on the French market, at La Défense in Paris.

The following statement is from DTEK.

ENGIE currently has five long-term contracts with Gazprom for the supply of Russian gas to France. The first demand of the Association of Ukrainians of France is that ENGIE immediately terminate these contracts, to stop buying Russian gas, and therefore to stop financing the Russian war machine which kills Ukrainians and seeks to destroy the country .

Despite the large-scale Russian aggression in Ukraine, which has lasted for more than two months, ENGIE has still not announced its intention to terminate the existing contracts and therefore continues to finance the aggressor and its terrorism in Ukraine. This is no longer acceptable.

At the beginning of April 2022, the most important Ukrainian energy companies, DTEK, Naftogaz Ukrainy and NEC Ukrenergo, launched the #StopBloodyEnergy project ( calling on Western companies to stop cooperating with Russia in the industry fuel and energy. . The site contains information about gas, coal (trading), oil service and machine-building companies that continue to cooperate with Russia. ENGIE is on the Bloody Energy list.

If Western countries continue to buy Russian energy, Russia will earn 321 billion dollars in 2022. For this amount, Russia can buy 80,000 armored personnel carriers, 30,000 tanks, 5,000 planes, 100 000 armored vehicles and 3,000 Buk missile systems, which will be used to kill Ukrainians.

The action will begin at 7:00 p.m. Friday.

Location: ENGIE 1 Place Samuel De Champlain, 92400 Paris.

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