Texas border landowners seek federal funding for damage suffered in migrant crisis


DEL RIO, Texas (Nexstar) – This week, U.S. Senator John Cornyn (R-Texas) met with local leaders in Del Rio to discuss how the current South Texas border crisis is affecting the community.

While local law enforcement and municipal authorities have called for more funding, border communities have already secured $ 30 million from the federal government to reimburse local communities and non-governmental organizations that had spent significant resources on them. care for migrants.

Landowners, however, have said they have been overlooked. The South Texans’ Property Rights Association said landowners had suffered property damage and worker shortages due to the migrant crisis.

“We don’t want to compete with law enforcement money over stolen vehicles and that sort of thing. So where did it come from? This leaves the landowner dry, ”Susan Kibbe, executive director of the association, told Cornyn on Monday.

“There are people leaving, employers losing employees on their property. They don’t want to stay anymore, ”Kibbe said, explaining that employees don’t feel safe.

Senator Cornyn said he would use the stories he heard at the roundtable to try to get attention in Washington.

“We have done what we can to bring public attention to the problem. We openly support the state and its efforts. And we are working with them to try to do that with the treatment centers and try to work with all the officials in the county to make that happen. But we need federal help and we need a change in mindset, ”Kibbe said.


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