Switchboard Raises $13.8M in Seed Funding


Switchboarda San Francisco, Calif.-based cloud coworking space emerged on the sly today and secured $13.8 million in seed funding.

Backers included Sequoia, XYZ Ventures and The General Partnership. Spark Capital, Cleo Capital, Dylan Field, Joe Thomas, John Lilly and others also participated in the round.

Recognizing the need for collaboration tools that better mimic the in-person experience, Switchboard’s world-class technology team has developed a platform that goes beyond passive communication and screen sharing and into a Remote work environment that allows for true side-to-side engagement and full team participation.

“Switchboard exists because we deserve a work environment that really helps us work together. Right now, we often spend more time figuring out how to work together than doing the job itself,” said

Led by Amir Ashkenazi, CEO and Founder, Switchboard lets users video conference and collaborate on multiple web apps — from Google Docs and Figma to Trello and Jira — in a single virtual room. Users can bring all their documents to a shared space, create permanent shared and private rooms that keep all apps and files for projects and recurring meetings open for the next time they’re ready to collaborate. Each room has a “meeting memory,” which includes a history of threads and shared content.

Switchboard currently holds five patents for their technology.




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