Speak Up: Georgetown Historical Society Funding Still Under Review



City funding earmarked for the Georgetown Historical Society may be in question, amid opposition to a Civil War Confederate symbol that continues to fly the grounds of the Nutter D. Marvel Carriage Museum. The mayor and city council voted on July 25 to grant $24,750 to the company, subject to the formation of a committee to review options and the possibility of the rebel flag falling.

  • The victors wave their flag. The Confederation has lost a lot. —Kenneth Dickerson
  • Stop deleting and modifying history. —Steve Peterman
  • Nobody deletes or modifies the history. —Beth Barbosa Croken
  • So what do you call it? —Steve Peterman
  • Patriotic! They remove the enemies of American soldiers from a place of honor when they do not deserve it. —Beth Barbosa Croken
  • You should seek out the truth about what the flag represented, instead of just believing the liberal version of it. —Steve Peterman
  • I do not listen to the Liberals. For whom did your family serve in the Civil War? —Beth Barbosa Croken
  • I do not know. I was not there. —Steve Peterman
  • Because you weren’t there, you don’t know who your family served for in the Civil War. —Beth Barbosa Croken
  • It’s not about my family. This is the real story of the flag. —Steve Peterman
  • The true history of the flag is that it is the battle flag of Northern Virginia. —Beth Barbosa Croken
  • The games a dictatorship government will play to achieve its ends. —Laura Aile
  • If you don’t like this government, you can always move to another country. -Charlie Harper
  • Remove the flag and place it in a museum where it belongs. —Merv Sparks
  • It’s in a museum. — Thomas Pardee
  • Or in a museum? —Merv Sparks
  • Does it matter? — Thomas Pardee
  • Yes. It should be in the museum and not displayed outside. —Merv Sparks
  • This flag was put up in 2007. I can’t help but think it was a response to who was in the White House. — John Gemme
  • George W. Bush was POTUS in 2007. – Kenneth Dickerson


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