SIERA.AI Provides $ 6.8 Million in Seed Funding


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SIERA.AI’s machine vision system helps prevent forklift accidents. | Source: SIERA.AI

SIERA.AI, a supplier of forklift monitoring systems, announced it has raised $ 6.8 million in seed funding.

“Our vision is to bring the power of a single screen on the vehicle and a single dashboard in the cloud for heavy commercial vehicles. Saurav Agarwal, co-founder and CEO of SIERA.AI, said. “We anticipate that our platform will allow customers to connect their warehouse management and manufacturing fulfillment systems to our unique mobility orchestration engine that will boost productivity on all types of manual and autonomous vehicles. “

The company offers two security systems, SIERA.AI S3 and SIERA.AI S2. S3 is an all-in-one forklift safety system. The system includes a machine vision that checks for obstructions around a forklift every 30 ms. With its “Pedestrian detection” option, whenever something happens within a defined distance of the lift truck, the system will trigger an audible and visual alarm.

The system also has a “Slow to Safe Stop” option. With this option, the system will give a warning when a forklift is approaching an obstacle, but will stop automatically if the operator does not react in time.

S2 monitors impacts in real time, collects data and reports them on a web dashboard. S2 simplifies forklift monitoring, with the ability to create checklists to closely monitor inspections.

The company was founded in 2017 with a grant from the National Science Foundation of the United States. It was used to conduct a forklift safety study in the United States.

In the study, SIERA.AI found that every year, companies spend more than $ 30 billion on forklift accidents. These accidents cause nearly 100 deaths and 36,000 serious accidents. The company announces that its S3 system can completely eliminate accidents.

“Warehousing is the new retail business,” said Suhas Ahuja, co-founder and COO of SIERA.AI. “SIERA.AI is positioned to lead the new world of e-commerce with the security and automation that enables an organization to achieve sustainable growth. “

SIERA.AI’s products will be used by Ken’s Foods and NFI Industries to help grow its operations. The funding cycle included the participation of Parkway Venture Capital and Ubiquity Ventures.


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