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SHADYSIDE — The Village of Shadyside is exploring options and projects to reduce costs. On Monday, the village council heard from Energy Harbor, the power company that runs the aggregation program to which the village belongs.

Councilman Nick Ferrelli said council was receptive to renewing the membership for four years after hearing from the representative.

“He was talking about our renewal of the electrical aggregation program, so we will be preparing an ordinance to be passed to renew that,” he said. “The new rate will be 7.95 cents per kilowatt hour for our electricity aggregation. This will come into effect in September 2023.”

Mayor Bob Newhart said the rate is an increase from the current five cents per kilowatt hour.

“We get a better rate” said Newhart. “It’s going up, but not as much as the market.”

“These two aggregation programs were passed by voters…I think it was around 2014, both when they were on the ballot were passed overwhelmingly,” said Ferrelli. “It gives the council the responsibility to come to an agreement with the whole city for an overall rate. It was on the ballot, you have the option to opt out and go with another provider. You must unsubscribe, this is not an opt-in.

“There were a lot of people the last time we renewed it who were upset that they were automatically put on this unless they opted out. I just want to point out that was the specific voting language when this was adopted, this is what the voters voted for,” said Ferrelli.

Additionally, a special meeting has been set for 5:45 p.m. Thursday to seek funding from the Ohio Public Works Board in cooperation with the Township of Pultney and the Belmont County Engineer’s Office.

“This application should be done within the week,” said Ferrelli. “We have tentatively scheduled a special meeting for this Thursday.”

He added that if there were delays in finalizing the application, the board could decide to postpone the special meeting to the weekend.

“We must all independently adopt our (resolutions) to conclude this collective agreement”, said Ferrelli. “We need to have a final estimate from an engineer from Jeff Vaughn, because that estimate needs to be in the application. As soon as he’s done that and can put those numbers into the app, we’ll go over that and submit it.

Pultney Township Administrator Frank Shaffer said the township could also call a special meeting to pass legislation to enforce. They plan to pave the north end of Central Avenue, a $550,000 project. Shadyside’s local share would be around $81,000, Pultney Township’s share close to $34,000, and the county’s share would be $27,000.

“(The application) must be submitted before August 30 or 31”, Shaffer said. “Whatever happens must happen soon.”

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