Schaumburg’s Capital Improvement Plan Uses Grants to Reduce Local Costs


The village of Schaumburg is proposing a multi-year capital improvement plan of $ 205 million. The plan includes $ 47 million in improvements planned for the next fiscal year that begins May 1.

The Capital Improvement Plan (CAP) is a comprehensive plan that sets the direction and priorities for village capital improvement projects and associated funding for the next five years. The CIP is updated annually and represents the village’s commitment to maintaining its roads, infrastructure and community facilities in an appropriate state of repair. The plan is expected to be reviewed by the village council at its January 11 meeting.

The plan reinforces the village’s commitment to improving vital infrastructure with 59 percent of the plan ($ 120 million) dedicated to improving roads and 21 percent of the plan ($ 42 million) dedicated to improving water and sewerage. Most importantly, the village continues its efforts to secure various grants to minimize the financial burden on local residents and taxpayers. The five-year program provides funding of $ 53 million from external sources.

In fiscal year 2022/23, the village plans to spend approximately $ 10 million on street improvements; $ 8 million is allocated to the repair of residential streets, of which $ 2 million will go to the reconstruction of these streets in poor condition. The remainder will be used for streets identified as needing repairs as part of the village pavement management plan. The village will allocate an additional $ 1.8 million in funding from the state of Illinois to rebuild commercial and industrial streets that are not eligible for federal funding. A preliminary list of streets that will be included in the 2022 street improvement program is available on the village’s website at and will be finalized in the spring.

The village continues to seek federal grants on major roads to reduce the use of local funds. Of the $ 10 million budgeted for the 2022/23 fiscal year, the village plans to get $ 6.5 million in grants. Important projects for the next fiscal year include the resurfacing of the following streets:

• Bode Road (from Barrington to Springinsguth)

• Meacham Road (from Higgins to golf)

• National walk (from Higgins to Woodfield)

• Springinsguth Road (from Bode to Schaumburg)

• Summit Drive (from Weathersfield to Schaumburg)

• Weathersfield Way (from Braintree to Salem)

“Well-maintained infrastructure is a fundamental part of what makes a good community great,” said Village President Tom Dailly. “Repairing and revitalizing our roads, sewers and other structures continue to be a priority for the village, as these essential systems enable us to provide a high quality of life for those who live and benefit from our community.

The plan allocates $ 11.4 million for water, storm sewers, sanitary sewers and building improvements.

The village received a grant to reduce the local share of a $ 1.4 million culvert improvement project on Springinsguth Road to just $ 200,000. This joint project with the Village of Hanover Park will span two years and tackle flooding and reduce erosion near Atcher Park.

The village proposes to use American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds to work with the Schaumburg Park District to carry out the dredging, outfall reconfiguration and the restoration of the Gray Farm Marsh pond, which will solve the flooding problems in this region. The project will be designed in the next fiscal year and construction is expected to begin the following year.

The capital plan invests $ 7.3 million in the 90 North District. Plans include continued construction of 90 North Park, which began in 2021, and the design of a mixed-use street along the west side of 90 North Park, from Progress Parkway to Landmark Drive. The street will be designed to function as a roadway and an event space. Intersection improvements will also continue on Meacham and Algonquin Roads, with the project expected to be substantially complete by August 2022. For more information on plans for 90 North, visit the website at

For more information and to view the proposed capital improvement plan, please visit the village website at


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