Rosen announces $ 40 million in funding to fight drought affecting Lake Mead


LAS VEGAS, NV – Today, US Senator Jacky Rosen (D-NV) announced that $ 40 million in funding from the US Bureau of Reclamation has been secured to stabilize the falling water level in Lake Mead.

The funding will help implement the conservation of over 500,000 acre-feet of water over the next two years. This includes $ 26 million for the Lower Colorado River exploitation program to continue to implement Drought Contingency Plan activities, and $ 14 million to consolidate water rights for the tribal communities during times of water shortages in central Arizona.

“Due to the intense drought brought on by climate change, we have seen Lake Mead reach its lowest water level on record this year” Senator Rosen said. “I am proud to have supported this funding, which will allow us to stabilize the water level in Lake Mead and mitigate the impact of the climate crisis here. I will continue to fight to ensure that Southern Nevada has the resources to protect our environment and ensure continued access to water.

Senator Rosen voted for the spending bill that authorized this drought funding earlier this year. In August, Senator Rosen also led his fellow Senators from the West urging Senate committee chairs to include funding for forest fire and drought prevention, mitigation and relief measures in budget reconciliation legislation.

Senator Rosen was one of the first co-sponsors of the Colorado River Drought Emergency Plan Authorization Act, which was enacted in 2019. It ordered the Home Secretary to execute and complete Colorado River drought emergency management and operations.



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