Render Raises $ 20 Million Funding for Its Zero DevOps Cloud Platform


Render Services Inc., a startup that strives to reduce the amount of manual labor involved in setting up and managing cloud workloads, today disclosed that he got a funding round of $ 20 million.

San Francisco-based Render plans to triple its workforce of 35 over the next year using the Series A cycle, led by investment firm Addition. The startup also intends to add many new features to its namesake offer, which it describes as a “zero DevOps” cloud platform.

Render’s platform is designed to reduce the complexity and cost of maintaining a public cloud environment. The cost of a cloud deployment isn’t limited to the infrastructure resources that an organization purchases. The engineering work involved in managing the infrastructure resources and the applications running on the hardware itself is a major expense, argues Render.

The startup’s platform provides a series of services designed to simplify cloud operations. One of Render’s services is a code deployment tool that allows developers to set up software container applications, websites and other workloads in just seconds, according to the startup. If a workload experiences errors, the platform can reset it automatically to resolve the issue.

One of the most time-consuming tasks involved in running a cloud environment is fine-tuning the volume and type of infrastructure resources that an application uses. If the material provided for an application is not sufficient, the user experience can be negatively affected. But if a business provides too much hardware, unused infrastructure resources can result in unnecessary costs.

Render provides an autoscaling service as part of its platform that can automatically add and remove infrastructure resources as an application’s requirements change. Organizations with more granular requirements can also deploy infrastructure automation scripts as code to manage their cloud resources.

Render has extended its value proposition beyond just helping customers deploy workflows and manage infrastructure. The startup also competes in the cloud database market with a hosted version of the popular PostgreSQL database. In the adjacent cloud storage market, Render offers the Render Disks service, which provides access to on-demand flash drives with features to prevent data loss.

Render plans to expand into even more segments using its latest $ 20 million funding round. In one blog post today, founder and CEO Anurag Goel said the startup intends to launch a managed object storage service. Also on the agenda: managed versions of data management systems like Redis and features to mitigate Distributed Denial of Service attacks.

“From helping startups start their DevOps journey to empowering large teams to automate Day 2 operations and gain insight into their infrastructure, Render is focused on implementing a product roadmap. ambitious and on consolidating our place as the platform of choice for developers and the cloud. native businesses as well, ”Goel said.

Simplifying the maintenance of cloud infrastructure is a particular priority for startups, which often do not have a large IT department capable of handling the task. Companies outside of the tech industry that may have limited expertise in the cloud can also benefit from products that can reduce infrastructure complexity.

Render says tens of thousands of developers and businesses have adopted its platform since its launch in 2019. Render customers have used the platform to create more than 300,000 services to date, according to the startup, and it currently processes some 4 billion requests per month.

Render has raised a total of $ 26.75 million in funding since its launch.

Image: Render

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