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Subject: “The Big Ten . . . ”, (July 2).

Do sportswriters ever stop to think about the moral consequences of mega dollars spent on college athletics?

In February 2021, ran an article titled “Rutgers Chairman: Athletics ‘Highly Unlikely’ to Break Even Financially.” Chairman Jonathan Holloway said: “For too long the entire Rutgers community has worked under the delusion that athletics will generate enough revenue to pay for itself and then, over time, turn a profit…”

The answer? So what.

Despite spending heavily on facilities and coaching staff, Rutgers ranks near the bottom of Big Ten spending. As Rutgers testifies, during contract negotiations, head coaches demand not only higher salaries, but also luxurious facilities.

Can anyone reading this letter think of a better way to spend the $100 million the governor has set aside than for sports facilities? Property tax relief? Rainy day fund? Children’s health care?

Even the Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) reform that allows players an income has spawned alumni recall ‘co-ops’ threatening to become Citizens United’s decision for college sports – more d money, more corruption.

While smaller or ethical institutions will be shrouded in obscurity — no St. Peter’s in the Sweet Sixteen — count on sportswriters looking away or rationalizing the demand for more money.

Thomas P. Ryan, Township of Lawrence

Murphy should remove hidden carry limits

Now that Governor Phil Murphy has imposed more restrictions on law-abiding gun owners, he promises to go even further, calling for legislation prohibiting the carrying of guns in so-called “places sensitive”.

These places would include bars, hospitals, arenas, courthouses and federal buildings, to name a few. Does Murphy really expect a mass shooter or other armed criminal to recognize such a law?

New Jersey just lost a lawsuit in which its existing concealed wear restrictions were found to have violated the federal Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act, which was signed into law in 2004. This allows officers to sworn law enforcement and retired officers qualified to carry concealed weapons in all 50 states. This should prevail over any state law. This law was enacted so that those officers who qualify each year with their weapons can protect themselves and others if the situation arises.

Is the Governor again trying to tell these trained and retired officers that they will not be allowed to carry their weapons concealed in any of these sensitive locations? That would leave everyone in those places sitting on ducks for a potential gun crime. Trained and qualified people would be powerless to use their own weapons to stop an armed criminal and possibly save lives.

Will Murphy then stand behind his podium offering thoughts and prayers that we need to enact more gun legislation?

Vincent Piano, Piscataway

The originalists and their ridiculous logic

Originalists vehemently insist that unless it is explicitly written into the Constitution, it is not allowed. Thomas Jefferson was among the first originalists, but when he had the opportunity to make the Louisiana Purchase, he did not hesitate to do so.

There is not a word in the Constitution permitting the purchase of territory. Thus, according to the logic of the originalists, this purchase was constitutionally inadmissible. Are we now going to ask France to return our money in exchange for this territory? Likewise, should we return Alaska to Russia and get a refund?

Here are more ridiculous results that their logic calls for: The Constitution provides for an army and navy and makes no mention of an air force or space force. Are we going to dissolve them?

It has been said that the Constitution is not a suicide pact. Yet this is what would result if the originalists had their way in all things. The Constitution, if the nation and its people are to survive in this ever-changing and dangerous world, must be interpreted broadly to allow for implied powers.

Franklin D. Roosevelt would never have pulled us out of the Great Depression, nor would he have been able to mobilize our industrial might, our resources, and our people to defeat the Japanese fascists and militarists in World War II if the originalists had been in charge.

Joseph A. Leist, Hamilton

Expanded Big Ten for college sports

I dispute all the excitement surrounding USC’s entry into The Big Ten sports conference, especially with those who think it’s such an important time for Rutgers, which is already part of the Big Ten.

Having only two “super conferences”, the Big Ten and the SEC (Southeastern Conference), in major sports is really a step backwards. Why is it beneficial to give such deference to a landscape that ignores the hundreds of other colleges and universities that play NCAA sports?

Will it become mandatory to attend a school in one of these two super conferences in order to play professional sports? Will their players now be considered superior to all others?

Those who support this new concept are also delighted with the additional income. Money is now the engine of college sports. Sport should never be measured by anything other than talent and final scores.

If it wasn’t, basketball great Stephen Curry wouldn’t be playing for the Golden State Warriors. Remember? He played his varsity ball at Davidson College in North Carolina, then a member of the Southern Conference and now in the A-10.

Donald Rinaldi, Belleville

Carli Lloyd passed for this medal

Megan Rapinoe of the United States Women’s National Soccer Team just received the Presidential Medal of Freedom? I understand that she has been outspoken on a number of important issues and that she is a terrific soccer player.

But what about Carli Lloyd from New Jersey?

Lloyd was a two-time Olympic gold medalist. She is a two-time FIFA Player of the Year, a two-time FIFA Women’s World Cup champion and a four-time Olympian. This “Jersey Girl” deserves such an honor. I won’t even dwell on the 2021 bronze medal game at the Tokyo Olympics, where the entire US team knelt during the national anthem, except – you guessed it – by Carl Lloyd.

Larry Monaco, Caldwell

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