QA Wolf Closes $20.1M Funding


  • QA Wolf recently announced that they have raised $20.1 million in funding. These are the details.

QA Wolf recently announced that they have raised $20.1 million in funding.

Funding amount: $20.1 million

Investors: Led by Inspired Capital alongside Notation Capital, CoFound and leading technology founders and operators including Sahil Lavingia, Peter Thiel, Naval Ravikant and Austen Allred.

Founded: QA Wolf was founded in 2019 by Jon Perl, Laura Cressman, and Scott Wilson to help development teams ship with confidence.

What QA Wolf does: QA Wolf pioneered the “test coverage as a service” category, combining its technology with in-house QA experts to bring customers to 80% test coverage in less than 4 months.

Metric: QA Wolf’s revenue has increased more than fivefold over the past nine months. And on average, customers ranging from Y Combinator startups to multi-billion dollar enterprises run over 250 automated tests every day, which equates to more than 20 hours of manual testing per customer per day.

The financing plan: With this funding, QA Wolf will continue to grow its team, with a focus on go-to-market talent, while expanding its product experience.


“With engineering talent scarcer and more expensive than ever, development teams typically don’t have the time or expertise to write and maintain end-to-end tests in-house. Traditional QA companies are like TurboTax: they create tools to make the job easier. We consider QA Wolf to be more like an accountant. We provide a bespoke solution that not only assists but complements the work for our customers, ensuring high test coverage with the least amount of effort from their team’s engineering resources.

— Jon Perl, co-founder and CEO of QA Wolf

“We no longer need to maintain test suites, and our team is much happier now that we don’t have to.”

— André Valentin, Vice President of Engineering at Worksome

“Software has infiltrated every aspect of our lives – it’s eating up the world, as some would say – and so products have to work. In healthcare or fintech, for example, submitting a bug can mean a loan is not funded to an account or an order is not filled.The stakes have never been higher.Creating end-to-end test coverage has always been quite resource-intensive so it sometimes gets deprioritized QA Wolf automates the repetitive but essential work of software testing The demand they’ve seen to date is a testament to how Jon, Laura, and Scott understand their client as well as the quality of the initial product they built.

— Chris Brown, Principal at Inspired Capital

“We started QA Wolf to give people time to do more of what they love. We’re only scratching the surface of how we can get QA off our customers’ plates, and we’re thrilled to create the best QA solution in the world.

— Laura Cressman, Co-Founder and Head of Customer Success


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