Pueblo West seeks additional funding and resources to reduce risk of flash flooding


PUEBLO WEST, Colo. (KRDO) – This rural community’s Metropolitan District, which is responsible for road maintenance and drainage, is facing a backlog of needs that would significantly reduce flash flooding on many roads.


One of the most common areas of flooding is along Platteville Boulevard near the intersection of Bronco Lane; it was temporarily closed earlier this week due to high water and a segment was even washed away in a previous flood and required repairs.


The district told KRDO NewsChannel 13 on Wednesday that a 2012 study identified $75 million in road and drainage infrastructure improvements — a cost that likely doubled or tripled, given costs and inflation. current.

The district says it receives only a small amount from local and Pueblo County property taxes — an amount that was sufficient when the community was established in 1969, but is now insufficient, with increased growth and of development.


The district also indicates that its staff should be two or three times larger in order to carry out maintenance and repair tasks more frequently.

As recently as 2018, the district attempted to ask residents to support a tax increase to help pay for the improvements, but was unsuccessful and now may be the time to make another request.


Some residents say they’re open to the idea, but others are opposed, saying major upgrades would likely be too costly.

The district is also in the process of applying for a state stormwater permit to help manage drainage infrastructure; if successful, the district would become one of the few in Colorado to have the permit.


Now is the time, according to the district, to be more proactive about drainage improvements and not depend on runoff to flow naturally over time.

The district says flash flooding is more of a concern in the community’s less developed area north of US 50, but there are a total of 12 basins draining through Pueblo West.


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