Prime Minister Garibashvili sums up 2021 and says health program funding will increase by GEL 20 million


Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili summed up government activities in 2021 and discussed future plans earlier today, saying the country’s health program will receive increased funding of 20 million GEL (approximately $ 6.46 million / € 5.57 million) in 2022.

Garibashvili said he was appointed prime minister during a crisis, but he and his team managed to “bring order” to the country.

No citizen will stand above the law, and no citizen will stand below the law. However, when it comes to protecting the law and the constitution, we will not ask permission from anyone. The law will always be enforced, he added.

The Georgian Prime Minister noted that the health care program is among the “top priorities” of the government and that from next year continuous blood glucose monitoring systems will be funded for children with diabetes.

Garibashvili added that military servants will receive a salary increase from January.

Our main task was and remains the creation of appropriate social conditions for the military and their families, he said.

Garibashvili thanked the officials for their service and expressed his hope that the following years will be “peaceful” and “stable” for the country.

I believe that our company will support government initiatives and with mutual efforts we will bring Georgia to a new level of development, he said.

The Georgian Prime Minister asserted that progress will be made in “all regions, cities and municipalities” of the country.


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