Photoneo announces BRIGHTPICK and $ 21 million funding


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Photoneo’s 3D cameras can improve the accuracy of a robot. | Photo credit: Photoneo

Photoneo, a provider of 3D sensors and automated execution solutions, has provided $ 21 million in Series B funding and announced the company’s new business unit, BRIGHTPICK.

The funding round was led by IPM Group, with additional support from AI Capital, EarlyBird, Venture to Future Fund and Credo Ventures. The round also included investors who participated in previous funding rounds.

“We are pleased that our disruptive technologies and our ability to detect market potential at the right time and forecast its future developments have won the confidence of our investors, convincing them that Photoneo is ready to lead the next generation of automation. order fulfillment ”said Jan Zizka, co-founder and CEO of Photoneo.

Photoneo plans to use the funding to accelerate its 3D sensors business, as well as to allow it to grow BRIGHTPICK. BRIGHTPICK has had a number of successful pilot integrations, according to the company.

BRIGHTPICK is a fully automated order fulfillment solution for warehouses and dark stores. BRIGHTPICK can be modified to suit a variety of distribution centers, from nano to central distribution centers.

“We have identified a gap in the fulfillment industry. We have combined our unique technologies to develop a one-of-a-kind end-to-end solution for fully automated distribution centers, ”said Zizka. “The potential of this next generation warehouse automation technology is immense because it is very flexible and scalable, maximizing throughput with minimum effort. It can optimize processes, save space and increase efficiency 3-5 times compared to manual work.

BRIGHTPICK’s order fulfillment solution can be deployed in days, depending on the company. It can store between 1,000 and 50,000 SKUs.

Unlike other runtime solutions, like AutoStore’s grid method, BRIGHTPICK robot racers are guided by vision, using 3D vision. The robots collect the bins, while the orders are consolidated and shipped by mobile robots. BRIGHTPICK’s robots are able to pick up items every seven seconds, according to the company.

Photoneo was founded in 2013. The main goal of the company is to automate monotonous and risky tasks by deploying vision-guided robots.


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