Park seeks funding


Posted on June 28, 2022

Park seeks funding ADVERTISING

Park seeks funding

WATKINS GLEN – During an update on the progress of all the work underway at Clute Park, Craig Bond, Parks and Event Centers Manager, said more people than ever are currently using the location . With millions already spent on upgrades, Bond also said there are still hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of upgrades on the way, including a new playground.
“Today was a really great day for the park,” Bond said. “There were 60 second graders using the park and they had a great time. And it’s interesting to see all the projects starting at the same time. Right now we have stone pavers and a new path that started operating today so a lot of people are using the park more than they ever have and it’s great to see.”
Two of the biggest projects currently being considered include the construction of a new playground and improvements to make the pavilion usable all year round. To make these projects possible, Bond said he is considering grants to fund as many projects as possible. Grant funding should then be considered against the budget timeline.
David Lisk of the Schuyler County Historical Society gave an annual update to the council during which he expressed his gratitude for any financial assistance the historical society receives from the village.
“You’ve really been such a great supporter, we really appreciate the support we get from cities and towns but (in particular) we really appreciate your support,” Lisk said.
Lisk went on to say that due to popular demand, the historical society will bring back historical tours this summer that began last year.
“We started with some historic walks in the summer and they were well received,” Lisk said. “There are 5 to 15 people at each one, so we are doing them again this year.”
Lisk also announced a plan to digitize copies of the Watkins Glen Review and Express dating back more than 50 years so they can be searched digitally.
“[We have a] backlog of logs and we are in the process of scanning them all so they are all searchable,” Lisk said. “So that’s going to be a big deal once we get them all.
With so many logs going back so many years, Lisk said it would be a multi-year task.
“Now it will take two to three years to do it, but most days there is someone scheduled for a few hours (to scan the logs),” Lisk said.
After the presentation, Mayor Luke Leszyk said he and the board were grateful for all the work done by the historical society.
“You volunteer your time and effort, so we appreciate all you do,” Mayor Luke Leszyk said.


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