Ozette Announces $26M in Series A Funding for AI-Powered Single-Cell Immune Discovery Technology That Accelerates Therapeutics in Research and Development


Ozette’s proprietary technology eliminates manual blockages and delivers unparalleled speed, resolution, and reproducibility to unlock breakthroughs in immunotherapy from preclinical to post-marketing.

SEATTLE, July 28, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Ozette Technologies, Inc., a technology-driven life sciences startup making a leap forward in cell discovery and annotation of the human immune system, today announced its $26 million Series A funding, led by Madrona Ventures. Other participating investors include Cercano Management (formerly Vulcan Capital), M12, Microsoft’s venture capital fund, Alexandria Venture Investments, OCV Partners and Duke University.

Ozette’s intelligent computer analysis technology unlocks the full potential of single-cell data. AI-powered analysis, rooted in research initiated at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center and incubated at the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence (AI2), reveals reliable, high-resolution insights an order of magnitude faster than the reference manual analysis. Ozette’s early partners include small to large biopharmaceutical companies developing therapies in oncology, autoimmune diseases and infectious diseases. The speed and resolution of Ozette’s automated information generation opens up new frontiers in computational immunology, accelerating the next wave of biomarker and drug discovery.

The new funding will fuel company growth and allow Ozette to expand its capabilities on a multiomics platform, integrating single-cell proteomics and transcriptomics. A new state-of-the-art immunology lab under development will soon provide another asset and opportunity for partners to leverage Ozette’s technology, enabling automated and vertically integrated analysis of immune information.

“Ozette’s technology relieves partners of labor-intensive manual analysis methods and propels us into a future with integrated, searchable immune data that is transforming therapeutic discovery and development,” said the Dr. Ali Ansary, CEO and co-founder of Ozette. “We’ve built a machine learning-based computing platform that completes months of analytics work in days, and we’re working to reduce that to minutes. Ozette represents the first line of innovation toward a fully solved state immunity at the cellular level, providing transparent, verifiable, and reproducible high-resolution information that scientists can trust.”

Despite its relatively young age, Ozette’s technology has played a pivotal role in a number of immunological discoveries that have reached publication. In a study 2021, Ozette’s technology was able to automatically resolve several hundred distinct immune cell populations and find a correlation between drug response and a set of rare cell populations that had never been characterized before. Ozette has continued to work with the Cancer Immunotherapy Trials Network and other partners to review over $100 million in clinical trial data to date. Groundbreaking scientific research that recently used Ozette’s core technology published in Nature identified a subset of T cells that appear to protect solid tumors from immune attack, helping to explain why cutting-edge immunotherapies that work against blood cancers are less effective against solid tumors and paving the way for future drugs and therapies that address this nuance.

“Ozette’s Prescient Technology is realizing the future of better healthcare today with unparalleled invaluable vision, speed, and context to unlock how our immune systems respond to adversity. We continue to support the the industry’s brightest scientific and technological minds driving innovation as they break down biotech barriers using smart applications to unite disciplines for the greater good,” said Matt McIlwain, Madrona’s CEO. This funding is a testament to Ozette’s team and mission, the unique position they hold in the market, and the industry’s immense confidence as they rapidly expand their work to help the industry treat and prevent disease.”

Ozette’s interdisciplinary team is made up of a wide range of scientists, engineers, and designers with a wide range of experiences spanning Genentech, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Airbnb, and more. Notable recent hires include Amarjit Kaur, vice president of engineering at Ozette, formerly at SayKara/Nuance (acquired by Microsoft).

“Everything we do, from research and partnerships to growing the business, is centered on putting people first and working towards our vision of a future where life-saving and life-enhancing medicines arrive. faster to market,” Ansary said.

Ozette is growing its team, including engineering, product management, research and development, translational science, and business development. See open positions here.

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About Ozette

Ozette Technologies, Inc. is making a transformative leap in the discovery and annotation of cells of the human immune system. The Seattle-based (remote-first) life sciences tech startup is building a breakthrough high-resolution, smart, single-cell immune monitoring platform and high-resolution dataset leveraging its new technologies to ‘IA. Founded in late 2020, Ozette originated from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center and incubated at the Allen Institute for AI. Ozette’s interdisciplinary team is made up of a wide range of scientists, engineers, and designers with a wide range of experiences spanning Genentech, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Airbnb, and more. The Ozette team also includes leaders and pioneers in the field of medical research and single-cell analysis, including its founders: physician Ali Ansary and scientists Greg Finak, Evan Greene and Raphael Gottardo.

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