OtterTune Raises $12M in Series A Funding to Revolutionize Cloud Database Operations, Led by Intel Capital and Race Capital


Database management is a multi-billion dollar market and systems have hundreds of configuration settings that affect cloud performance and cost. OtterTune automates the complex and time-consuming process of optimizing database performance. The company’s technology uses machine learning to securely analyze and continuously optimize these metrics to help businesses of all sizes manage their databases more efficiently at lower cost.

“We’ve been using OtterTune for several months, and it’s been a game-changer for us,” said Daniel Rodgers-PryorCTO of the developer of educational technology platforms Style Education. “OtterTune keeps our databases running smoothly and has removed the risk and research time associated with manual tuning. With OtterTune in place, our team can focus more on new developments and be much less distracted by administration. from the database.”

Since launching last year, OtterTune has expanded its service to include support for Amazon Aurora databases, as well as Amazon RDS databases. Additionally, new database health checks to mitigate outages or performance hits have also been added. The company will use the new round of funding to expand its engineering team and build support for additional databases on other cloud platforms, as well as additional innovative self-optimization features.

“We are achieving our goals of helping companies improve their database performance at lower cost and freeing up DBAs to focus on more strategic work,” said Andy Pavlo, co-founder and CEO of OtterTune. “Automatic button configuration using machine learning is proving even more successful than we expected during our research period at Carnegie Mellon University.”

Automatic database optimization is strategic
OtterTune customers have seen substantial improvements in the performance and stability of their database, regardless of workload, which has resulted in significant efficiency gains and cost savings. By automating database optimization, OtterTune gives cloud teams peace of mind and time to focus on other priorities.

“The founders of OtterTune are multidisciplinary experts at the intersection of the database and machine learning field, as evidenced by their cutting-edge research while at Carnegie Mellon University“, mentioned Nick Washburn, Senior Managing Director at Intel Capital. “Databases are the foundation of all applications, and OtterTune is accelerating the journey for businesses of all sizes to autonomously optimize this critical component of their technology stack, improving performance, managing costs and ultimately account, ensuring reliability.”

“OtterTune is the biggest breakthrough in database technology I’ve seen in a very long time. Having this smart self-learning algorithm to infinitely tune database performance will allow us to make a big step forward in this direction. $68.5 billion market by 2026” mentioned Alfred Chuanggeneral partner at Race Capital.

“Relational Riverside Rumble 2022” – Human vs. OtterTune
OtterTune is also announcing its first-ever human tuning contest against OtterTune to be held in September. The fight will pit OtterTune’s automated approach to database optimization against an expert human database administrator. The contestant achieving the greatest improvement in database performance will be crowned the winner of the Relational Riverside Rumble 2022 and will be rewarded with a cash prize of $10,000. To visit for more details.

About OtterTune
OtterTune is a database automation and optimization platform that observes your database’s runtime metrics and then performs machine learning to recommend and deploy configuration settings, improving its performance, reliability, and performance. availability and effectiveness. It works for cloud-based PostgreSQL and MySQL databases (Amazon RDS and Amazon Aurora). For more information, visit

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