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OGDENSBURG – The Ogdensburg Bridge and Port Authority Board is calling on state and federal governments to further contribute to a city harbor dredging and harbor expansion project.

OBPA Director Steven J. Lawrence told the board that the total price of the project, due to the contingencies the Army Corps of Engineers is required to factor into the price of the project, will cost 42 , $ 6 million.

“The numbers are quite staggering,” he told the board. “The Corps has really strict specifications … and a lot of requirements.”

A resolution calls on the federal government to provide $ 5 million in funding, on top of the $ 5 million already guaranteed, and an additional $ 11.4 million from the state, on top of the $ 19.2 million already guaranteed. The resolution states that OBPA has secured $ 219,000 for this effort.

“The potential here is so much more than I think a lot of people realize … If we expand this port, it can change a lot of what is happening with economic activity in the north of the country”, chairman of the board Vernon D. “Sam,” Burns said.

Mr. Lawrence said he hopes the Federal Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act can help.

“The passage of the bill on infrastructure, where does this money go? ” he said. “We haven’t heard anything about funding for the port or the bridge.

“If the people of this country think we don’t need to invest in infrastructure, they don’t know what’s going on,” he added.

Mr Lawrence said it comes down to “the circumstances and the costs of construction … happening all over the state and across the country.”

The dredging project would alter a 300-foot by 500-foot section of the Federal Channel to a permitted depth of 19 feet to 27 feet. In May, officials believed the project would cost just under $ 7 million.

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