North Dakota’s Bridges Are Some Of The Worst In The Nation, Millions Of Dollars In Infrastructure Funding Aim To Fix This Problem


North Dakota is undergoing a comprehensive bridge inspection and repair program, according to NDDOT.

Currently, the state’s bridges are ranked the 42nd worst in the nation by the Reason Foundation National Study.

The North Dakota Department of Transportation has inspected the state’s nearly 5,000 bridges over the past year and plans to use millions of federal and state dollars to make repairs.

North Dakota will receive $225 million over the next five years for bridge repairs, from the bipartisan infrastructure bill passed by Congress and signed by the president last year.

The state will also receive funds appropriated by the state legislature and the American Rescue Plan Act.

NDDOT Director Bill Panos said the department just released $25 million for counties and plans to follow up with $45 million to repair bridges statewide.

“Frankly, we have some of the worst bridges in the United States,” Panos said. “We will invest aggressively again over the next few years with the support of the state legislature and the federal legislature on North Dakota’s bridges.”

Panos says there are bridges in every county being repaired, but the department will likely do the most work in the northeast part of the state.


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