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NATCHEZ – Natchez-Adams County Airport has a problem, but relatively speaking, it’s a good problem.

The airport is running out of hangar space and people are lining up wanting a hangar at Natchez, airport manager Richard Nelson told the Adams County Board of Supervisors this week.

“People who aren’t based here right now are calling us about the hangar space,” Nelson said. “Loss Prevention is looking to purchase another plane, and our hangars are full. Maroon Aviation is requesting a hangar. They sublet another shed, but they need it for themselves. Many people contact us asking for hangar space. We have jets wanting to come to Natchez, but we don’t have hangars.

Because of this issue, the airport board is trying to apply for a loan to build one or more hangars through the Mississippi Development Authority, “but we’re at least six months away if we’re approved for the ready”.

The airport is also awaiting the outcome of a Mississippi Development Authority grant application, which could be up to $2.5 million and does not require a local connection. This grant could pave the way for a commercial air carrier for Natchez.

“They keep telling us that a decision will be made by the end of summer. Everyone has a different definition of late summer, but my definition is August,” said Nelson.

The county, city and airport board have communicated with Southern Airways officials.

“Communication with Southern Airways is an ongoing situation. We have been discussing with Southern since the publication of our study on the development of air services. We talked about routes to and from Natchez,” he said. “There is no deal with them. They are coming here next week to see what Natchez has to offer. We are listening to them to see what they would bring to Natchez.

According to the Air Service Development Study, the location of a connection that works best for those departing from Natchez is Houston or Dallas.

“We want a situation where they fly directly from Natchez to an airport where they don’t have to leave the secure area for a connection. This is the best result for Natchez. This is the best result for Natchez,” he said.

Nelson said if Natchez-Adams County Airport is successful in receiving the MDA Air Service Grant, it would stimulate other commercial air carriers’ interest in Natchez.

“We want to make sure we’re doing what’s best for the airport. We don’t want to do what has been done in the past, which is to bring something that doesn’t stay. We want to bring an air carrier in the right way, one that will last and succeed here,” he said.


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