NeoCity Funding To Bring Semiconductor Manufacturing To Central Florida


Governor Ron DeSantis announced that it is allocating $ 6 million to Osceola County to expand the county’s southern corridor to connect it to the research and technology development district of NeoCity.

DeSantis has focused on manufacturing semiconductor chips, calling the current chip shortage a major problem facing not only Floridians but businesses across the country.

“Manufacturing is something that we have to do a better job of. We have worked very hard… to expand our manufacturing footprint and we want to continue to do so in the future, ”said DeSantis. “Semiconductors are a huge problem. If you look at how the supply chain works, we are too dependent on foreign countries, including Taiwan, which is a good ally for us but is under very serious pressure from the CCP in China, so I think more we can make semiconductor here, the better.

Taiwan is home to the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), a global leader in the production and export of semiconductors, holding more than 58% of the global market share. Their chips are used in a plethora of US-made products like cars and computer technology, raising concerns given the continued shortage of chips the company has faced since the start of the COVID pandemic. -19.

The shortage has resulted in a shortage of semiconductors available for purchase, pushing up the prices of products that use this technology. Used cars, for example, have seen their value appreciate in some cases. Likewise, computer production has seen a massive slowdown as businesses and home PC builders struggle to find graphics cards and similar components.

NeoCity is a developing extension of the growing tech scene in and around Central Florida, home to both national and international tech companies, with the goal of becoming a “catalyst for innovation and creation of high technology, including jobs and capital investment “.

NeoCity is strategically located between two state universities, the University of Florida and the University of Central Florida, which offer high-level engineering programs. Schools would have the opportunity to conduct research at NeoCity’s facilities and could potentially serve as a job bank for both schools.

Osceola County officials expect the investment to lead to tens of thousands of new jobs, according to the governor.

Valencia College also received $ 3.7 million to create new workforce programs that will focus on the manufacturing and production of semiconductors and chips. “Today is a great example of how we can improve Floridians and the lives of all Floridians.

The job growth grant fund is intended to invest in infrastructure and workforce development and today we are doing both, ”said Secretary of the Department of Economic Opportunities, Dane Eagle. “We are creating jobs that would otherwise be shipped overseas. This is just the start of what NeoCity is going to produce.

DeSantis hinted at future funding for industries like auto manufacturing, seeking to emulate steps taken by states like Tennessee and South Carolina to implement a system that educates and trains domestic workers. “Key sectors of our economy should not be captive to foreign nations, especially organizations like the Chinese Communist Party, and even allies like Taiwan, how that might impact if there was a disruption there. low, ”DeSantis said. The more we have that capacity in our own country and state, the more secure our economic supply chain will be. I think we will do more in the weeks, months and years to come.


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