NDAA Military Funding for Miami Valley and Southwestern Ohio


WASHINGTON (WDTN) – President Joe Biden signed the latest National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) on Monday.

Congressman Mike Turner, who is currently a ranking member of the House Armed Services Subcommittee on Strategic Forces, issued the following statement:

“FY22 NDAA authorizes significant funding to improve the quality of life for dedicated military families at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. I worked to secure funding for a new day care center, an Army Reserve Readiness Center, and improvements to military family housing, ”Turner said.Today more than ever, our adversaries are advancing their defense capabilities, and this bill provides the funds necessary to modernize our country’s nuclear triad and missile defense system.

Funding and support for military installations and initiatives in the Miami Valley and Southwestern Ohio are as follows.

Wright Patterson Air Force Base

  • Child Development Center: $ 24 million
  • Army Reserve Center training building: $ 19 million.
  • Codifies the mission of the United States Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT) located at Wright Patterson Air Force Base, whose purpose is to conduct research and provide training to members of the air force and space force (including reserve components) and civilian employees of this department

Ohio military installations

  • Springfield-Beckley Municipal Airport – Base-scale Microgrid: $ 4.7 million
  • Camp Perry, Ohio – Red Horse Logistics Complex: $ 7.8 million
  • Youngstown Air Reserve Station – Assault strip widening: $ 8.7 million
  • Authorizes the transfer of C-130 aircraft to facilitate the surrender of the 179th Air Wing of the Ohio Air National Guard, located at Mansfield-Lahm airport, as Cyber ​​Wing
  • Authorizes the National Nuclear Security Administration of the Ministry of Energy to cede, without reimbursement or other consideration, its reversion interest in the building of the Advanced Technical Intelligence Center for Human Capital (AVETEC) to the Improvement Company of the Clark County community and to the Chamber of Commerce for community use

According to Congressman Turner, his priorities within the NDAA are:

Development, testing and evaluation

  • Includes unprecedented levels of investment in emerging technologies including AI, quantum computing, hypersonic and autonomous systems
  • Includes a new $ 100 million fund and a pilot program to accelerate the deployment of innovative technologies for the combatant
  • Improves the recruitment and retention of technical and scientific talent in the DoD with increased scholarships and benefits.

Nuclear deterrence and missile defense

  • Prohibits any reduction in the number of intercontinental ballistic missiles or the withdrawal or conversion of our low-yield nuclear warheads
  • Fully funds the modernization of our nuclear triad, including strategic ground deterrence
  • Full funding of the two-site solution for the production of the plutonium pit
  • Prevents Russian and Chinese officials from accessing US missile defense sites
  • Reverses President Biden’s cuts to missile defense
  • Fully funds Guam’s defense system
  • Support next generation interceptor to protect US homeland from DPRK ICBM threat

Improving the military justice system

  • Creates a “trial lawyer” within the military justice system who will have exclusive power to make prosecution decisions for serious crimes of murder, sexual assault, rape and domestic violence, among others
  • Protects the unit commander’s inherent authority to prosecute and adjudicate military-specific offenses
  • Defines sexual harassment as a listed offense, fostering a respectful and professional environment among military personnel
  • Reform military justice sentences based on DoD sentencing parameters, which will improve consistency, transparency and accountability
  • Expands notification requirements to victims of a crime by requiring them to be informed of administrative actions, unless this compromises a law enforcement process or violates an individual’s privacy concerns involved
  • Experienced prosecutors will monitor serious offenses in the military justice system. This will promote a more efficient, transparent, accountable and effective military justice system, as offenses will be prosecuted on the merits of the case and not on improper considerations.

Congressman Turner said other key initiatives are as follows:

Funding authorization initiatives

  • $ 15 million for the Industrial Carbon Base
  • $ 5 million for the development of the thermal protection system
  • $ 6 million for trusted microelectronic microchip lock security
  • $ 15 million for the Defense Community Infrastructure Program
  • $ 6 million for Army Land Survey Systems
  • $ 10 million for metal affordability research

Remuneration and benefits of service members

  • Authorizes a 2.7% salary increase for military personnel
  • Extends Military Recruitment and Retention Bonuses and Special Compensation Authorizations
  • Prevent President Biden’s cuts to military health programs, increase funding for vaccine research, and provide $ 35 million for Havana syndrome research and treatment.
  • Increases parental leave, expands in-home child care pilot program and improves support for military families with children with special needs
  • Requires DoD to conduct a comprehensive and independent review of suicide prevention and response programs at various military facilities

Improving Housing for Military Families

  • Provides nearly $ 1.5 billion to improve housing for military families
  • Requires command oversight of privatized military housing as part of military performance reviews
  • Clarifies that window fall prevention requirements apply to all military family housing, whether the housing is privatized or government owned and operated, and withholds certain funds until the Department assesses the security issues. child safety in military family housing units


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