Metaverse Services Company Shuzi Lichang Wins New Funding


Shuzi Lichang, a metaverse-based digital asset technology service provider, has received tens of millions of yuan in angel funding from Baidu Venture, which will be used for underlying technologies related to virtual assets, 36Kr announced July 13.

According to a research report published by McKinsey, since 2022, more than $120 billion of investments have been made in the metaverse industry, 79% of active users spend time in the metaverse, and 25% of leaders said s expect more than 15% of the company’s revenue to come from the Metaverse over the next five years.

Zhang Tao, founder and CEO of Shuzi Lichang, believes that artificial intelligence generated content (AIGC) will play a key role in creating virtual content for the metaverse. Metaverse app content will evolve into 3D, AI, and openness, and AIGC, which is a combination of human creativity and AI efficiency, is an ideal mix.

Currently, the production and conversion of 3D content is highly dependent on manual labor and motion capture equipment, but in the future it will depend more on the integration of AIGC and graphics. Thus, Shuzi Lichang, created in March 2022, launched its “Disco Phantom” platform, combining AIGC and 3D content.

Disco Phantom emphasizes the composability of virtual assets. Users can bring their own custom 3D assets into the metaverse, instead of combining factors according to a limited framework.

Shuzi Lichang hopes to gradually cultivate a cohesive user group through Disco Phantom and further create a proper metaverse storyline.

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Regarding the company’s future development, Zhang Tao believes that AIGC will usher in a wide range of application scenarios, including but not limited to graphics, video, games and AR/VR, in order to improve the virtual production efficiency of different industries and the user experience.


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