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Pictured: Andrew Sorsby (left) from Business Sheffield and Paul Blake from Blake UK

A Sheffield manufacturing company is aiming for growth after winning a grant from the South Yorkshire Business Productivity Scheme.

Blake UK designs, supplies and manufactures aerials, CCTV systems, Wi-Fi signal amplification equipment and networking products for home and commercial use.

Many of Blake’s products are manufactured at the company’s headquarters in Rutland Road, but in the face of growing competition, particularly from overseas manufacturers, the management team realized that in order to achieve their ambitious growth, a strategic review of its operations was necessary.

Following a presentation at a business seminar, Managing Director Paul Blake decided to approach Business Sheffield for help.

In an effort to make the entire company paperless, Blake applied for assistance from the Business Productivity Grant Program. Working with key account manager Andrew Sorsby, he secured a matching grant, which was used to purchase new equipment to improve the company’s manufacturing process.

The company’s computer systems were also upgraded, improving its manufacturing process and inventory level tracking.

Paul Blake, Managing Director of Blake UK, said: “When I contacted Business Sheffield to discuss the challenges we were facing, our key account manager suggested that our business might be eligible for support under the scheme. business productivity. I was delighted to find that our application had been accepted, and since winning the grant, we have also been able to implement software that visualizes all aspects of the business holistically.

“Moving to paperless systems has helped us reduce the amount of waste we generate and, as a direct result of the improved processes we have implemented, we have seen demand for our products increase. We have also expanded our workforce as a result, creating two new apprenticeships within the company.

“The impact of this project has exceeded all of our expectations. The new software allows us to manage the team much more efficiently and diversify the product line, which has resulted in a significant increase in new orders.”

Andrew Sorsby, Key Account Manager at Business Sheffield, added: “The Business Productivity Program has been developed to help businesses in South Yorkshire overcome barriers to growth. For Blake UK, it also meant upgrading some of the equipment the company needed to improve its manufacturing processes. such as replacing manual systems with digital ones, not only helping to reduce waste in the business, but also helping the business identify and overcome the challenges it faces within its supply chains.

“The net result was an increase in secure orders and new jobs were created, but perhaps more importantly, the technology adopted by the company helped it successfully prepare for future growth and consolidate its position as one of the leading operators in a highly competitive market.”


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