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When his children were very young, Steve Scalise would surely tell them wonderful stories. He continues to create uprooted tales from reality like his recent column.

Without proof, Scalise links rising inflation to an anonymous $ 4.5 trillion bill. He doesn’t mention that most of the larger companies report increased profits because they take advantage of pent-up consumer demand. It also does not explain why a military budget will have no impact on inflation, only social programs have that power.

Scalise is simply pursuing the long model of Republican propaganda to attack proposals benefiting the general public. Scalise fails to distinguish socialism from a much needed old-fashioned civic improvement. Any high school student could tell him the difference.

Where was Scalise’s concern for the deficit when he pushed his fellow Republicans to vote for Trump’s tax cut? This giveaway to the wealthy adds more than six times what the Biden plan adds to the deficit over the next decade – while providing none of the benefits.

“New IRS agents are coming to steal your money.” For decades, Republicans have slashed enforcement of IRS collection to make it easier for the wealthy to hide their income; new agents will target the ultra-rich, not the middle class. As a protector of the ultra-rich, Scalise fears that big donors will find it easier to avoid paying taxes to a company from which they have earned so much.

Will he do everything possible to refuse “socialist” funds to improve the quality of water in the Pontchartrain basin? Fight against the financing of the widening of Interstate 12? How much of the bridging funds will be declared too socialist for Louisiana?

As a political propagandist of the myth, Scalise strives to leave his own children and grandchildren – and ours – a poorer, decaying society controlled by kleptocrats.




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