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I have subscribed to REVIEW for many years and enjoyed the journal until Saturday May 21st. The REVIEW editorial ruined my positive attitude.

I couldn’t believe the thumbs down on what the editor calls “a continued effort by Governor Kim Reynolds to divert money from public schools to private schools.” This statement in itself is not true. Some public schools will gain funds through this bill.

Thumbs down is really a suppression of parents who want a different philosophy of education for their children but cannot afford the full cost of education in a private school.

The editor’s bias becomes evident throughout the article and especially when the editor appeals to the Iowa State Education Association which represents our teachers. . .” This association does not represent all “our” teachers. Who are “our” teachers?

A better editorial would have been to present ways to address the injustice of education funding in our state. Why shouldn’t parents who help fund education in public schools through their taxes receive financial assistance if they choose another school other than a public public school? Let’s help them if they have a financial need required by the governor’s bill.

I hope to see this kind of unbiased article in the future.

Marion Van Solen,



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