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KCTCS has increased funding for the TRAINS program at 16 Kentucky Community College campuses, creating more opportunities for local businesses to enroll existing employees in training courses through their local college at a significantly reduced rate.

Mike Davenport, director of workforce solutions at Madisonville Community College, said the KCTCS TRAINS program is a training program businesses can take advantage of that is offered by the community college right here in Madisonville.

“We work for companies in training their employees,” he said.

The college can write a grant through the TRAINS program where 75% of the cost of training an employee is covered, and the company only has to pay the remaining 25%.

“We have contracts with about 10 different companies, and many other schools in Kentucky that fall under KCTCS have the same curriculum. They all work with businesses and industries,” Davenport said. “This is how we can better serve businesses and industries because most colleges have programs that every business in the state of Kentucky needs.”

A company can only access TRAINS funding if the student is already employed.

“We can’t train people from outside, they have to be employees,” he said.

The main objective of the funding is to give companies the opportunity to train those who may not be able to afford it or to give them access to training that they could not produce on their own.

“That’s what MCC Workforce Solutions is all about, getting the training companies need,” Davenport said. “We serve these people. We serve their employees. We have programs where we can get them involved and get TRAINS to pay for it. »

He said TRAINS funding can also be used to profile employees. He said it’s a tool they use to help screen employees for employers.

“Through testing, we can find the right employee for the right job,” Davenport said.

He said there is very little that TRAINS won’t cover.

If a business or industry in the Madisonville Community College area would like to learn more about the TRAIN program, contact Workforce Solutions at 270-824-8658.


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