InvestorNations Launches 90-Day Fundraising Challenge for Startups to Accelerate Their Funding Process


(ProNewsReport Editorial): – Tallinn, Harju July 18, 2022 ( – InvestorNations today announced the 90-Day Fundraising Challenge, a new step-by-step action plan for early-stage startups. The 90 Day Fundraising Challenge is the product of 10 years of startup experience and insider investor knowledge. After coaching startups in their fundraising efforts and explaining the same concepts over and over again, Sominder decided to turn his consultations into an easy-to-follow manual. This challenge offers a new way for early-stage startups to get fast funding with proven formulas and techniques.

“Anyone who tells you fundraising takes years, walk away now,” says Sominder Singh, Founder and CEO of InvestorNations. “Investors want to make money fast and startups need money fast. Simple.”

Features and benefits of 90 Day Fundraising Challenges include.

  • A step-by-step action plan that takes startups from the preparation phase to negotiating the deal that’s right for them.
  • Over 17,000 verified investor contacts and a surefire way to reach them all with quality pitches.
  • Tools, templates and insights to present the insights investors want to see when looking for profitable opportunities.

The 90-Day Fundraising Challenge is available now for a one-time payment of $197. For more information on the 90 Day Fundraising Challenge, visit

About InvestorNations: Sominder Singh and Rohitash Goyal founded InvestorNations to help startups around the world get their business off the ground. Over the past 12 months, they’ve helped over 50 startups raise over $100 million in funding. In the podcast “Fundraising Made Easy”, Sominder shares his fundraising experiences as a founder as well as an advisor to investors. Its mission is to bust the myths that keep successful entrepreneurs from taking their projects to the next level and shaking up the exclusivity of the startup scene.


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