Insightly AI secures the funding cycle to address developer productivity and burnout issues


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Companies around the world have tackled worker productivity to improve everyone’s performance and success. With a focus on developers and engineering teams, Insightful analysis Software Development Analytics Platform Announces $1M Seed Funding Round Led by Together Fund to Help Engineering Leaders Build Better Teams and Ship More Software rapidly.

Launched in 2022, Insightly is used by CTOs and VPs of Engineering, who collectively lead more than 12,000 engineers across four continents with teams in the United States, India, Kenya and Israel. These teams use Insightly to gain organization-level visibility into critical metrics like DORA and others that can help them augment intuitive decisions with data.

$300 billion a year is wasted globally on inefficient software development, yet more than 96% of technology leaders say improving engineering productivity is their top priority (1 ). So what’s missing? Most engineering managers lack access to the data and information needed to identify the root causes of critical issues such as slower release cycles, missed deadlines, and high engineer attrition rates. which hinders their goals of improving engineering efficiency.

To solve these problems, Insightly provides dashboards and analytics that allow engineering teams to reduce the time between software development stages, reveal bottlenecks causing delays, and gain visibility into the workload distribution, allowing companies to build elite teams and increase business performance.

Dashboard: Insightly's Cockpit view provides an overview of important metrics for engineering managers

Today, engineering managers attempt to gauge productivity with Git and JIRA analytics, but these processes are manual and time-consuming, with data spread across dozens of Excel sheets. Insightly automates the process of extracting and aggregating data and creating analytical dashboards to accelerate software development, detect bottlenecks, and provide visibility into workload distribution. This helps companies build elite teams and increase their business performance. And the entire onboarding process takes five minutes and zero code, pulling three months of historical data for immediate customer value.

Founder and CEO of Insightly Analytics, Sudheer Bandaru

Software excellence fuels business performance research (2). In fact, engineering teams in the top quartile generate 4 to 5 times more revenue compared to an engineering team in the bottom quartile. Sudheer Bandaru, founder and CEO of Insightly commented, “In today’s world, every business is a software business, and the speed and quality of software delivery strongly defines an organization’s success. Insightly enables businesses to effectively leverage the engineering bandwidth and ship products faster with analytical dashboards and actionable insights.”

“The platform is very customizable depending on the size of the company. Today, our customers range from 50-member engineering teams to multi-billion dollar organizations with over 800 engineers. We are in discussions with a few publicly traded companies interested in piloting with Insightly, cementing our faith in the mission.”

Insightly’s seed funding round included participation from founders of scaling technology companies, including Freshworks, Postman, Ola, and Haptik AI, as well as engineering and product leaders from Notion, GitLab, Square, Google, Amazon and other notable angels.

Girish Mathrubootham, co-founder of the Together fundcommented, “Engineering efficiency is one of the most important drivers of business performance in today’s world. Empowering engineering teams with actionable insights to help them identify and Solving bottlenecks will be crucial with tools like Insightly Analytics.”

With this fundraising, Insightly aims to expand its product, engineering, and marketing teams, to execute its roadmap driven by the growing community of modern engineers becoming data-driven.

Insightly announced a forever free plan for teams under twelve engineers and provides custom onboarding services and custom actionable insights for larger engineering teams.

About Insightly Analytics

Insightly Analytics ( is a B2B SaaS platform that provides dashboards and data-driven insights from Git and JIRA to build effective engineering teams. These analytics help engineering teams reduce delivery time, optimize team bandwidth, and align engineering efforts with business outcomes. Businesses can sign up with a five-minute no-code integration to access these analytics for the past three months as part of their free trial.

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