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SALEM – As the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) begins to impact across the country, U.S. Oregon Senators Jeff Merkley and Ron Wyden on Dec. 17 announced the Allocation of $ 43 million in federal funding to Oregon airports for key infrastructure needs. The law included funding for the Independence State Airport.

The IIJA included a $ 3 billion provision for airport infrastructure grants, which will allocate funds to support airports across the country. Merkley and Wyden supported the IIJA and its major investments in roads, bridges, ports and airports. Oregon will receive $ 43 million from these grants. Independence Airport received $ 159,000 in infrastructure funding.

“Having safe and sustainable airports benefits Oregon residents who want to stay in touch with loved ones out of state and businesses that rely on the airways to expand their economic opportunities,” said Merkley. “We have adopted this two-party infrastructure plan to address critical infrastructure issues in the state, and I am delighted that this funding improves our regional airport facilities to provide safer and more reliable travel for all Oregonians.”

Wyden added that residents and businesses across the state rely on reliable air service and secure airports.

“The bipartite infrastructure plan that I am proud to have supported is helping Oregon airports large and small,” Wyden said. “And I will continue to fight to ensure that Oregon gets our fair share of federal resources for these airports, as well as for additional infrastructure needs in rural, urban and suburban communities across our state.”


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