Historic $140 million in arts and culture grants through the New York State Council on the Arts


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Wed May 11, 2022 11:30 a.m.

Funding marks second year of record funding to support arts recovery

√ $90 million in grant opportunities now open; $50M Capital Funding Opportunity to Open in September

Governor Kathy Hochul announced Wednesday that a record grant is now available through the New York State Council for the Arts. The agency’s first five grant opportunities for fiscal year 2023 are now open to artists and arts and culture organizations in New York City. The state budget appropriation for 2023 includes $50 million in stimulus funds and $50 million in support for capital projects, in addition to the agency’s base budget of $40 million.

“New York’s arts sector is integral to our state’s identity, character and economic well-being,” Hochul said. “These historic grants from NYSCA will help strengthen nonprofits, spur creative work by artists in all 62 counties, and revitalize the industry. As we welcome a new era for New York, we must continue to investing in the artists and cultural institutions of New York that make our state the art capital of the world.”

The following NYSCA FY 2023 grant opportunities are now open:

√ Support for organizations provides flexible general funding for the operation and programming of nonprofit organizations. This funding can also reach unincorporated tax-sponsored organizations throughout the state.

√ Support for artists funds creative commissions to individual artists across the state. Applicants must apply through a fiscal sponsor. NYSCA “embraces the rich diversity of art across New York, and applicants from all artistic practices and disciplines are encouraged to apply.”

√ Support for special opportunities takes advantage of opportunities that make space, time, and learning more accessible for artists and their creative endeavours. Opportunities cover creative performance residencies, subsidized rehearsal spaces for all forms of performing art, and folk arts apprenticeships.

√ Growth and capacity building provides organizations with flexible funds to redevelop their capacity to serve their audiences taking into account the impacts of COVID-19. Funds can meet a wide range of needs, such as: providing compensation to artists; staffing support, support for programmatic costs; advancing audience development; and contribute to necessary health and safety expenses.

√ Support for partnerships assists regranting and partner organizations in all 62 counties while identifying new opportunities to ensure greater NYSCA funding reach and access for new applicants. The partnerships cover a range of services.

Additionally, NYSCA will support $50 million in capital project grants as part of its fiscal year 2023 opportunities. This investment marks the largest annual arts capital funding commitment in NYSCA history. The guidelines and application portal for NYSCA’s capital grants will be available this fall.

New York State Council for the Arts Executive Director Mara Manus said, “New York State is powered by thousands of arts workers and arts and culture organizations who drive the economy of our state and are essential to the health of everyone who lives in New York. We are immensely grateful to Governor Hochul and the State Legislature’s responsive and unprecedented investment of $140 million for NYSCA this year – recognizing the far-reaching impact of the arts in our great state. NYSCA is ready to respond to this historic moment by continuing to offer a streamlined grant-making process, flexible funding solutions, and welcoming applicants from all artistic fields.”

The Hochul team said, “Last year, NYSCA overhauled its longstanding funding structure to pave the way for a broader and more inclusive process, prioritizing applications from smaller organizations and applicants who serve historically underrepresented communities. Changes included consolidating and streamlining funding categories; the establishment of a new, more accessible application portal; and the implementation of flexible financing solutions.

New York State Council for the Arts President Katherine Nicholls said, “Over the past two years, NYSCA has spearheaded a transformation of agency services in the field in response to the pandemic and its continued impact. NYSCA management and staff have recognized the unique challenges of reopening for in-person live performances, including unexpected health and safety preparedness costs for New York organizations. Simultaneously, NYSCA’s modified process successfully welcomed more applicants, expanded access, and provided vital, flexible funding options. NYSCA Council, I would like to thank Governor Hochul and our state legislators for their substantial commitment to New York’s vast arts and culture sector. This investment will ensure that the arts continue to grow, thrive and attract visitors from around the world who travel to seek New York’s unparalleled creative excellence.”

Currently, NYSCA supports 1,525 organizations through more than 3,300 grants spanning New York’s 10 regions. The 2023 Fiscal Year Opportunity Guidelines and NYSCA Applicant Handbook are now available on the NYSCA website.

For more information about NYSCA, visit http://www.arts.ny.govor follow NYSCA’s Facebook page, Twitter @NYSCArts and Instagram @NYSCouncilontheArts.


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