Help Therapeutics secures $ 25 million Series C funding


Recently, Help Therapeutics, the global leader in iPSC therapy platforms, announced the completion of a $ 25 Series C funding. This round of funding was led by Ming Bioventures, followed by Share Capital, Beisen Medical Fund and Jolmo Capital, with additional assistance from our former investor Purple Bull Startups and Hoyue Capital as exclusive financial advisor for this round of funding. The funding will help the organization conduct and complete clinical trials of its fully independent intellectual property development pipeline, iPSC Heart Cell Injection, and begin clinical studies on the treatment of resistant cells relying on iPSC technology at during the following year.

The founder of the company, Dr Wang Jiaxian, is a Doctor of Medicine from the University of Hong Kong and a postdoctoral researcher at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in the United States. While he was a cardiologist, Dr. Wang worried that the heart failure patient population in China has reached over 10 million, and that there are around 3 million heart failure patients. severe heart disease waiting for a heart transplant every year, but only about 600 people. can find a heart donor, a huge gap that has become a problem for the entire medical community. Dr Wang chose to enter the field of iPSC cell therapy in 2010, convinced that iPSC technology is a revolutionary technology for human medicine, and is eager to save heart failure patients with this technology of innovative tip. After years of development, the company has developed several product pipelines based on iPSC technology, mastering advanced iPSC reprogramming technology while having the capability of large-scale automated production and cell quality inspection of iPSC drugs.

As the first company in China to develop and manufacture cell therapy using induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) technology, Help Therapeutics insists on focusing on the areas of heart failure and tumor immune diseases in order to develop products of cell therapy for general use to meet clinical demand.

IPSC Pipeline Layout Solving the Heart Failure Treatment Dilemma

The company has already obtained the first iPSC technology-based heart failure cell therapy clinical study dossier from the National Health Care Commission in China, and is also actively preparing clinical registration dossiers for the states. -Unis and China for its heart failure treatment pipeline. After clinical trials, this product is expected to be the first iPSC cell therapy drug for moderate to severe heart failure in China and around the world, and its social and commercial value will be incalculable.

Help Therapeutics has established several R&D pipelines in the fields of heart failure and tumor immunity, among which the iPSC technological therapy for the treatment of moderate to severe heart failure has entered several authoritative centers in nationwide to conduct large-scale randomized controlled clinical trials in humans. Help Therapeutics has accumulated extensive experience in the field of cell therapy for heart failure: in 2020, Nature reported the world’s first human study of iPSC cells for end-stage heart failure conducted jointly by the company and the Nanjing Drum Tower hospital. Based on 24-month follow-up data from three patients in this clinical trial, the efficacy and safety of Help Therapeutics’ iPSC-derived cardiomyocyte drug for the treatment of severe heart failure was excellent.

Fully automated artificial intelligence production line, the world’s first 4.0 biopharmaceutical era

With the development of the cell therapy industry, the quantity and quality of cell culture are increasingly in demand, both from the point of view of clinical demand and R&D exploration. The current manual cultivation of cell therapy products has long operating time, large variation between product batches, low batch culture capacity and other industry bottlenecks, and hence the cost and the final selling price of cellular drugs remains high and cannot really reach the majority of patients. Therefore, tackling the commercial mass production of cells has become essential for the development of cell therapy companies.

Help Therapeutics is at the forefront of global technology in terms of cell mass production and quality assurance. Its fully automated production line has achieved the international leading position, improving the quality and stability of cellular products while significantly reducing production costs. The annual production capacity of a single production line can reach 100,000 doses, contributing to the popularization of cellular products. The company’s fully automated production pipeline has been selected for the “13th Five-Year Plan” National Science and Technology Innovation Achievements Exhibition. Take responsibility for the country like ours

Help Therapeutics has the first induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) biospecimen bank authorized by the Ministry of Science and Technology for the preservation of human genetic resources in China. Entrusted by the national platform for human genetic resources sharing services and as the only iPSC rare disease cell bank officially recognized in the 14th national five-year plan (National Office for Scientific and Technological Heritage -BC0022), Help Therapeutics carries the heavy responsibility of human genetic material and make every effort to promote the role of China’s iPSC technology platform and treatment of rare disease research and development. Help Therapeutics will provide high-quality and diverse biological samples to research institutes and businesses, accelerate rare disease research and orphan drug development, and contribute to the rapid development of the iPSC cell industry.

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  • Help Therapeutics secures $ 25 million Series C funding
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