Gruessing: LCPS, continue to fund the arts | Letters to the Editor


LCPS Board Members: I am a student at Rock Ridge High School and I am writing to support staffing and fundraising to ensure safety and fairness. Please fund the performing arts using the $2.4 million allocation and fund positions identified by the Office of Teaching and Learning. You have the power to impact lives for the better. Mr. Cimino-Johnson insists that the most impactful aspect of a dramatic performance is authenticity. Play your role as if it were you. Despite being a new person with every show, the theater is the house where I am most me because I am free to be. I was bullied as a kid because I was unique and the performing arts took those differences and called them beautiful. Mr. Markwood reiterates the sense of unity and the importance of each individual to the meaning of a song. Thanks to the theater and the choir, I am resilient. They gave me mentors, a support group, an outlet to release my emotions, and a chance to let my passion shine. I am confident and determined because the theater taught me my worth. I deserve a platform where I can feel safe and empowered. I admire all those who have gone before me and shown me the way and I am determined to give back as much as I have been gifted. However, I cannot do this if my legitimate resources are not fully provided. I know I can accomplish amazing things, just give me the chance.


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