Great Falls Emergency Department Gets Ambulance Equipment Upgrade Funding


The ambulances in the Great Falls Emergency Services fleet will soon all be equipped with the same new technology stretchers. It is a self-loading crib that helps paramedics save more time and lives.

It is one of more than 50 ARPA projects approved in Cascade County.

Three were purchased several years ago and are big improvements over previous options, says GFES chief executive Justin Grohs.

“Originally, these were completely manual devices that a team had to physically lower, lift, load and unload,” Grohs said. “Cot technology has really changed over the past few years. fully self-loading bed. The provider does not need to use back or arm strength or anything like that to get a patient into the back of the ambulance.

Grohs says the cots are used frequently, and all of their vehicles are outfitted with new technology to save time and be more efficient, helping them better serve the community.

Grohs said each bed costs around $45,000 and there is also a $5,000 installation fee.

“When this ARPA funding became available, we thought it would be a great use so we could help keep our staff safe. One of the most common causes of injury is lifting and moving patients and there are a lot of things that can be done to do this safely and to reduce the risk of injury, we certainly can’t afford anyone getting hurt, so we want to minimize the risk.

In addition to GFES, the Rural Fire Council has also been approved for ARPA funding. He received $37,500 for radios for use by first responders throughout the county.


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Great Falls Emergency Department Gets Ambulance Equipment Upgrade Funding

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