Government funding for Sublocade is a big step for the Northreach Society in slowing the opioid crisis


“Sublocade is an injectable form of Suboxone, and it is a long-lasting dose of the drug. People only need an injection once a month instead of taking it every day.

The aim of the drug is to help stabilize, reduce cravings and provide the user with enhanced protection against overdose.

Loset adds that it also has the potential to make those suffering from opioid addictions feel more normal while taking the treatment.

“People are not tied to a pharmacy or have to take the drugs every day. It can give them a bit more freedom and normalcy when processing, ”Loset said.

The only way to get the drug is if it is prescribed by a doctor. The only way to get the prescribed treatment is if you are known to have an opioid addiction problem.

“You can take the Alberta Virtual Opioid Independence program or the Opioid Agonist Therapy program at the Northern Addictions Center. It should be prescribed and administered by a healthcare practitioner.

“You should also take Suboxone seven days before you receive Sublocade. The way Suboxone works is that you have to be on withdrawal. You must be a little sick before you can use it because otherwise it does not have the proper effect on the body that you need. You should therefore stabilize your dose for seven days of Suboxone. Once you are on a stable dose then you can be prescribed Sublocade.

Loset told EverythingGP that many Northreach Society staff are excited about the announcement as it will become a more accessible option for people with addictions.

In addition to covering the cost of Sublocade, the provincial government also announced Wednesday that it will provide $ 1.4 million to expand and create a low-barrier division of the virtual opioid addiction program.

The division will conduct rapid assessment and treatment initiation for people struggling with drug and opioid use and will provide enhanced case management to clients.

Total funding for VODP by the Government of Alberta is now $ 6.4 million per year.


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