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Grayson County will receive $29,230,000 in funding for road and infrastructure projects, according to a press release from the Kentucky House of Representatives.

Last Friday’s announcement came the day after lawmakers adjourned a legislative session that resulted in a state spending plan containing “significant investments to modernize and replace outdated state infrastructure. , including transport, water and wastewater, and broadband”.

“This funding will improve the lives of every citizen in Grayson County,” said state Rep. Samara Heavrin (R-18). “Our roads are in dire need of improvements, and the funding the county will receive will help solve both the small and the big problems. We wanted to make sure you can drive on the freeway without having to worry about problems. Our lives depend on a secure and up-to-date infrastructure, HB 242 addresses exactly that and allocates the necessary funds to improve our hardware infrastructure.

The funding is part of HB 242, which provides more than $2.9 billion for the maintenance and construction of state highways over the next two years. The measure also includes $370 million for bridge rehabilitation and construction and sets aside $250 million to match federal dollars for megaprojects in northern, eastern and western Kentucky.

The Grayson County allocation is reserved for the following projects:

• $5,250,000 for upgrading US 62 east of Beehive Curve to KY224

• $10,500,000 for the extension of the William Thomason Byway

• $4,510,000 for a bridge project over KY-259 in Rough River

• $880,000 for the protection of a bridge over KY-79 at Rough River Lake

• $1,650,000 to remedy the condition of the Wendell H. Ford Western Kentucky Parkway from Mile 114.8 to 116.949

• $2,000,000 to address connectivity, mobility and security issues on the west side of Leitchfield, from KY 54 to the north intersection of KY 259 and KY 3155

• $3,290,000 to address safety, geometry defects and maintenance issues along KY 569 from Bear Creek Road to the northern intersection of Bloomington Rd south of Leitchfield

• $1,150,000 to provide security and turn around movements along Wallace Avenue in Leitchfield from the intersection with East Carroll Gibson Boulevard to the William Thomason Byway

“Each of these projects is a look into the future,” Heavrin said. “We are improving bridges, highways, guardrails and much more. The $10.5 million earmarked for the William Thomas Road extension will ensure better access to safe roads and improve the way people travel through and out of Leitchfield. With improvements to US 62 East, Wendell H. Ford Western KY Parkway, and KY 54, people can drive knowing their roads are easily accessible and safe to use.

In addition to HB 242, lawmakers also crafted a two-year budget for the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet. This bill, HB 241, includes funding for programs such as an additional $4 million to increase access to driver’s licenses and license testing and $11.4 million to be divided equally among the 54 airports in General State Aviation.

“This practice roadmap and budget provides a very organized and methodical approach that both meets today’s needs and sets the stage for tomorrow. We only have one chance to spend every dollar, and we owe it to the taxpayers of Kentucky to get it right,” House Speaker David Osborne said. “I commend House Transportation Budget Chair Sal Santoro and Rep. Samara Heavrin for their commitment to prioritizing critical projects and identifying how we can make the most of the resources we have.”

For more information on this legislation or any other action taken by the Kentucky General Assembly, visit legislature.ky.gov.


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