Funding for new operations center under discussion in Jackson County


Working to keep Jackson County residents safe during inclement weather, funding for a new emergency operations center is being discussed.

The current Jackson County Emergency Operations Center sits in a floodplain and has sustained significant damage from hurricanes and various storms.

Today’s public hearing explained the “Katrina Supplemental Community Development Block Grant Program” allowing for public comment.

The state of Mississippi has received $5.48 billion in CDBG funding through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development since 2006.

The planned new facility would be built off Highway 57 near the Sunplex Industrial Park and is expected to cost $7 million.

The last day for public comment on the county’s plans for CDBG funding is late this Friday, August 19.e. Jackson County Administrator Brian Fulton said: ‘It’s super important, I mean, this is where the emergency responders come in, this is where all the people come in to deal with the disaster. and manage the emergency. So it’s so important to have a place where they can come, the technology is there, people can congregate there and make critical decisions at that time. We will thank the State of Mississippi for reaching out and asking us to apply for this funding and we look forward to receiving it and building a structure we can all be proud of for many years to come. ”

The new project would also house the emergency operations center and fire department offices.


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