Funding approved for a protected bike path in the San Francisco Panhandle


SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – Funding for the first protected cycle path on Oak Street along the Panhandle was approved by the Transportation Commission on Tuesday.

Supervisor Dean Preston has asked for $ 385,000 for the protected bike path which should be installed from Schrader to Baker. The lane will include signal timing changes to improve safety for everyone on the road.

This comes after the successful launch of the protected cycle path across the Panhandle along Fell Street.

The Fell Street project was installed in July 2020 and was a success.

Not only has the community shown great support for the Oak Street lane, but data shows the lane will keep cyclists safe, in addition to reducing car speeds.

The supervisor’s office, SFMTA, and the fire department worked together to ensure this did not interfere with the fire department’s response times.

The funds for the cycle lane protected by parking on the eastbound one-way lane will come from the Transport Authority Commission.

“People have been talking about bike paths on Fell and Oak for years. Talking is cheap and doesn’t save lives. We’re trying to do it, and this initial TA funding will help make that a reality, ”Preston said.

Two more requests from Preston’s office were unanimously approved on Tuesday. This includes funding for traffic light improvements at 16 Western Addition locations and improvements to Page Slow Street.


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