EPA financing available for every Lion zero-emission electric bus


Lion Electric Company announced that it is preparing to help its customers obtain funding under the first $500 million tranche of the US Environmental Protection Agency’s $5 billion Clean School Bus program. environment.

Through the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, the U.S. federal government has committed $5 billion to roll out clean, zero-emission school buses over the next five years, which will help provide healthy travel for students across the country, especially in underserved communities that have historically had disproportionately poor air quality. School districts will also benefit from the reduced energy and maintenance costs that all-electric school buses have to offer, according to an announcement.

Program details were announced recently, and priority districts can receive up to $375,000 per bus in funding, which can be up to 100% of the price of an all-electric school bus, while other Eligible districts can receive up to $250,000 per bus, bringing the price of an electric bus much in line with that of a conventional internal combustion engine vehicle. EnergyStar-certified charging infrastructure is also eligible for financing, which LionEnergy can also help customers secure and install. A list of priority districts will be released by the EPA in early May, the company says.

“As the leader in all-electric school buses, Lion is in a fantastic position to help customers secure this new EPA funding for all-electric school buses and charging infrastructure, which in some cases will fund the entire purchase of a new Lion zero-emission school bus,” says Marc Bedard, CEO and Founder of Lion Electric. “Lion put its first electric school buses on the roads in the United States in 2016, which have since been driven under real-world operating conditions. We are clearly a pioneer in the space, and with our planned capacity of 20,000 vehicles per year at our manufacturing facility in Illinois, we are uniquely positioned to bring new electric school buses made in America on a large scale.This federal program is a major step in the transition to sustainable school transportation, bringing improvements meaningful contributions to the health of our children and our communities. We applaud the EPA for its commitment to deploying all-electric school buses.

Through its team of LionGrants financing experts and as an eligible contractor under the program, Lion can apply on behalf of school districts and private fleets, as well as assist them with their own direct inquiries. Organizations eligible for rebates under the program include state and local government entities that provide school bus services, for-profit and non-profit school bus contractors who meet the eligibility criteria, non-profit school bus associations, tribes, tribal schools and tribal organizations. , says the company.

The first $500 million of that funding will be awarded this year, with applications to be open for a 90-day period beginning in May. The winners will then be determined by a lottery system.

Additionally, the LionGrants team currently actively tracks billions of dollars in funding available across North America and can help clients apply for a wide variety of state, municipal, utility, and district funding. aerial. Lion Electric is the leader in zero-emission school buses, with more than 550 vehicles on the road and 9 million miles traveled.


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