Doggett unveils funding for water resources research: State of Texas study will help local conservation efforts – News


U.S. Representative Lloyd Doggett on June 20 (Courtesy of Kate Stotesbery)

On Monday, June 20, US Rep. Lloyd DoggetD-Austin, announced funding for a new project by the Meadows Center for Water and the Environment (located at the old Aquarena springsnow owned by Texas State University) to study the impact of climate change on Texas water and create a publicly available tool to help regional water planners consider the climate crisis.

Doggett spoke to reporters with representatives from the Meadows Center before boarding a glass-bottom boat to tour the ecology of spring lakefed by Springs of San Marcos. Texas State Teacher Robert Mace, who directs the Meadows Center, explained that the funding will go towards a Ph.D. the candidate’s research on how climate change will affect available water resources, “because currently, for the most part, this risk is not integrated”. The research will also identify viable conservation policies for groundwater districts, river authorities and regional water planners, as well as “work with the state climatologist [John Nielsen-Gammon at Texas A&M] to identify the best way to get these global climate models to fly more locally in Texas.”

Doggett stressed the importance of local efforts to tackle the climate crisis, saying he was “not optimistic” about the progress of the Texas Legislature: “We are in a state where there is still a lot of climate denial. But when people are talking about water rationing already, as we see the effect of the heat already this year on our water supply, there are practical people out there at the city level and from the county who want to do something about it.”

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