Council of Eden leader to reveal funding to tackle major district issues


POSITIVE finances have given a Cumbrian council the opportunity to improve services and tackle major issues in the region.

Solutions to problems such as fly spills and dog fouling will be funded in the next Eden District Council budget, its political leader has revealed.

Speaking to the Local Democracy Reporting Service, Councilor Virginia Taylor said: “One of the bad victories of Covid-19 is that the government has not withdrawn some of the bundles of cash from the Treasury that we were waiting for.

“Four years ago we expected the north to become virtually, but they continued to give us the pieces like the rural hearth grant.

“We don’t have to make huge savings – we’re very well managed financially, so we can look at improving services rather than reducing them. ”

The dumping of flies at overflowing recycling sites is an annual problem at this time of year. Cllr Taylor said Council of Eden leadership is aware of this and has taken steps to address it in the next budget.

CCTV should be installed to monitor existing sites in Penrith: “It’s about tackling fly spills and irresponsible waste, but where we’re going to put it, we’ll have to see,” she said.

“The other thing is dog poop is a big problem – always has been – and we’ll be looking to get machines to do some of the playgrounds. We’ve put money aside to fix this problem.” also.

“Covid has cost us dearly and has cost our staff a lot because some of them were doing two, three jobs and some still are. The government, thank you where it should be, has recognized how important local government has been in the fight against Covid. ”

The Council of Eden cabinet is expected to discuss the budget in a public meeting on Tuesday January 18 at Penrith Town Hall.

The council’s coffers should reflect the recommended improvements to its planning department set out in the development management review carried out by the Association of Local Governments.

Cllr Taylor requested that the report be done to identify how the planning process could be improved at Eden.

She said: “Planning apps have grown by 30% in Covid, not just here but everywhere, so there is 30% more work for the team to do. We must try to meet these challenges in demand.

The upcoming budget will also set out plans for growth in the region with Eden Council’s economic development strategy, which Cllr Taylor said was “really forward-looking.”


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