Cayaba Care Raises $12M in Series A Funding to Advance Maternal Health Care for Underserved Communities


Cayaba Care has helped over 60,000 women living in the United States who are heavily impacted by severe maternal morbidity by providing a navigator and access to various nurse practitioners, OBGYNs, lactation consultants, social workers, and behavioral health specialists.

Additionally, patients in their care are three times more likely to see an obstetrician, leading to a 35% reduction in emergency room visits.

The funding will bolster the health startup’s efforts by providing holistic, high-quality maternity care and tools to help people living in underserved communities. Additionally, hiring experts in various areas of expertise, including medicine, behavioral health, design, data, technology, social work, operations, customer service, and community outreach, will be essential for construction in all sectors. Cayaba Care also plans to create a diverse Series A board made up of 50% women and 50% black.

“In all areas of healthcare, having the right people at the table has a direct impact on the quality of care an individual receives, but this is especially true when it comes to healthcare. for women and for underserved communities. Currently, less than 4% of health service companies are black owned or led, while women make up just 5% of all digital health funding. We believe that to truly move the needle and have a more equitable healthcare delivery as a nation, we need to get to the root of the problem and that means building leadership that looks and thinks like the women and communities we we serve,” wrote Dr. Olan Soremekun. at AfroTech.


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