Calls for COVID vaccinations, funding for road repairs, gun violence, etc.


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• Thanks to The Sun for the full Tuesday, May 31 story on the life-saving COVID vaccination. It was clear to me that too many people who died from COVID were listening to bad politicians instead of the medical community. So sad.

• The County Commission is spending $33 million on the Sports Center at Celebration Pointe, but they can’t afford the $40 million we need to fix our roads. There is something wrong with this picture.

• I think it’s wonderful that The Gainesville Sun publishes on Sunday how our two senators and local representatives voted the previous week in Washington, DC Especially with the election approaching, we really need to know what the owners in their work. For example, last week in the Senate, a vote was taken to confirm three federal judges as well as four other federal positions. Governor Scott voted “no” on all seven positions. I called his office to find out specifically why he felt each of these seven candidates was unqualified. I did not have any answer. Senator Rubio voted “yes” on one of them.

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• Isn’t the “right to life” the dominant conservative political issue? So why does gun accessibility take precedence over my family’s expectations of the right to live in public places?

• Bravo Canada for doing quickly what legislators cannot do in the United States Seeing the barbaric and relentless carnage of children and others here with automatic weapons, they immediately banned the purchase, sale and transfer of all handguns and assault weapons, only permitting hunting rifles. Here is a civilized society with responsible legislators.

• In the wake of the livid agony our nation is once again enduring, as sensible human beings on planet earth, could we admit that it won’t hurt to try a little restraint because our world of firearms, unique to America, does not work?

• The influence of money on politics and governance raises questions with every election. Is it the wealth or the people who rule? Is money or intellect leading? Who serves the public, educated men and women, patriots, free or serfs of corporate capitalism?

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