Call for Applications: National Arts Council Project Funding in South Africa


Only one application will be supported by both a natural person (individual) and a legal person (organization/company). The invitation is open to practitioners active in music, dance, multidisciplinary and theater to submit their applications for project funding. Only applications for productions, concerts, showcases and/or performances will be considered. Applicants featuring content in South African Indigenous art forms are encouraged to apply.

Other types of performing arts projects such as creation, composition, capacity building, workshops, research, scriptwriting for theatre, residencies and other related activities will subject of a separate appeal. Practitioners involved in the disciplines of crafts, literature and visual arts will be invited to apply during the next call during this exercise.

In each of the four artistic disciplines mentioned above, namely music, dance, multidisciplinary and theatre, proposed projects must have the ability to address at least two of the five critical areas below:

  • Social cohesion and nation building.
  • Marginalized communities and indigenous arts with a focus on rural areas.
  • Combat social ills such as xenophobia, gender-based violence, bullying and other violent crimes including drugs and gangsterism.
  • Create employment opportunities for women and people with disabilities, with a focus on rural/marginalized areas.
  • Creation of new works and innovation.

The call calls on arts practitioners to submit projects that can continue to educate, entertain and enlighten audiences. Proposed projects must demonstrate their impact and value for the communities in which they operate.

The maximum amount requested should not exceed R500,000 for music, dance and multidisciplinary projects. The maximum threshold for theatrical and/or musical productions is R800,000. The allocation will be in accordance with the repair and transformation requirements of the CNA.

Applications must be submitted no later than June 17 17 hours.

Applicants must register and complete the online application form here.

Manual applications and/or funding guidelines can be requested via [email protected], by calling 087 7000 683 or visiting the NAC offices. This service is reserved only for those who do not have access to Internet services.

Funding guidelines can be downloaded via the National Arts Council official site.

Contact [email protected] or call 087 7000 683 for more information on this call.

View original call here.


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