Brooks and Capehart on the Future of Abortion Rights, Government Funding on the Brink


David Brooks:


Well I think Roe is in danger at some point. Once the thought is expressed as clearly as it has been expressed, I think they will eventually get down to it.

And I’ve, frankly, been someone who has always supported the overthrow of Roe, not because I’m necessarily pro-life, but because I think the court shouldn’t decide. I think the legislatures, and this should be decided by the democratic process.

And I always believed – I believed, should I say, that if it were up to the lawmakers, the lawmakers would settle down where the American people have settled. The majority of Americans do not want to ban abortion. They want to restrict it one way or another. And different states would restrict it.

And I always assumed that we would end up where Europe is, with stricter laws than us, but no bans.

I am no longer so optimistic that our political system can handle a massive debate on an incredibly tough and incredibly complicated issue. And I say this with the awareness that majorities no longer seem to rule. Polarized minorities very often reign in our politics.

And so we might find ourselves, if Roe is toppled this year, next year with just vicious cultural, moral, political battles at a time when our democracy is extremely fragile. And that must be worrying.


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