Azerbaijan to increase funding for science and education


December 3, 2021 11:47 am (UTC + 04:00 am)


By Ayya Lmahamad

Digital Development and Transport Minister Rashad Nabiyev said Azerbaijan plans to increase funding for science and education sectors, Trend reported.

He made the remarks during the UNEC Economic Forum round tables on “The digital transformation of the economy: new challenges, new opportunities” held on December 2.

The Minister noted that after the publication of the corresponding document, it will be possible to see it.

“The Azerbaijani government sees that development is only possible in terms of the rule of law, transparent activity and creation of stable infrastructure. Recent measures in Azerbaijan serve this purpose, “he said.

Nabiyev added that digital transformation for the Azerbaijani government is the only tool for promoting society. He added that the efficiency and results of this work are important for Azerbaijan.

“Our goal is to shorten the timeframe for implementing the digital transformation. The reforms carried out in recent years, the improvement of the competitive environment, as well as the investments in the field of telecommunications, make it possible to speak about this question ”, he declared.

Nabiyev stressed that Azerbaijan can build a more efficient and modern society through digital transformation.

He said that the development of information and communication technologies is the only way to form a modern society.

“As Minister responsible for digitization in Azerbaijan, I am concerned about two issues. The first is the importance of implementing digital transformation in our country. This process overlaps with the economic growth that we have experienced in Azerbaijan in recent years, ”he said.

“The second issue is that we need to ensure that added value is created more effectively and efficiently in the area for which we are responsible. Therefore, this is exactly the kind of society we want to build, ”he added.

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