Agencies advocate for Centraide funding


TEXARKANA, Texas – United Way of Greater Texarkana held its grant application presentation at the Texarkana Convention Center Thursday and Friday.

The two-day event allows representatives from various programs to make a formal application in front of a community impact group for a share of $550,000 in funding from United Way, President Mark Bledsoe said.

“Priority is given to programs that affect health, education and financial stability, with education being the keystone,” Bledsoe said.

Once all the presentations have been made, the impact group will deliberate and decide how to distribute the money. Bledsoe said the recipients, which could be around 30 organizations, will receive letters stating the amount of money they are receiving.

“We will have an award show around September or October.”

Bledsoe the United Way, which traces its roots to the philanthropic work of an interfaith group in Denver in the late 1880s, said the past two years have been difficult for the agency due to the COVID pandemic.

“We got knocked out of about $200,000 of fundraising money. It created a hole that we’re trying to fill.”

Overall, Bledsoe said, United Way remains in a good position financially.

“We kept the stipend and grants exactly the same,” the eight-year-old president said. “We didn’t go down so we had to dip into our rainy day funds. Hopefully that will be the year we come out of it.”

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