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ADAIR COUNTY – The Adair County Board of Supervisors on Wednesday approved the use of American Rescue Act funds for various projects, including new toilets for the parks and a new heating system for the historic society.

The county is expected to receive $ 1.38 million in federal funds to support efforts to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and replace revenue lost by state and local governments.

Adair County Engineer Nick Kauffman has asked for $ 295,000 for rock for roads and 10 other areas in parks or wildlife areas, and Adair County Conservation Director Dominic Johnson, asked for $ 125,000 to replace the toilets in the parks. Board members specifically mentioned the need for new washrooms and showers in the southern part of Morman Trail Park, as one was replaced on the north side of the park, and members received positive feedback on its addition. . Members of the Historical Society have asked for $ 45,000 to upgrade their geothermal system at the museum, and public health officials have asked for $ 24,000 for equipment, supplies, salaries and benefits. Berg said fairboard officials didn’t ask for a specific amount, but asked if funds were available, and the board offered them $ 52,000.

The council also approved an agreement to digitize the county records, however, the cost to do so has increased by approximately $ 1,800 since the council agreed to go ahead with the project. The board had previously approved the use of $ 142,385 of American Rescue Act funds to digitize county records in the offices of the auditor, recorder and engineer,

Berg said the county received an award for digitizing the documents in October, so there was a possibility that the price might change before the board of directors made a decision.

“(The cost) has increased by about 3-4%,” Berg said, explaining that the increase would be $ 1,860.

Board member Jodie Hoadley said the project needed to be completed and offered to go ahead and approve the deal with the increased cost.


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